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Who was St Chad?

Most people may not know, but here are some details that will help you know him better.

St.Chad was born sometime in the early 600s, in Northumbria, England. His name was originally spelt "Ceadda", but St. Chad is more easily pronounced by us living today. His brother was St.Cedd, so he obviously came from a deeply Christian home. St. Chad was taught by St.Aidan at Lindisfarne. And while a young man was ordained priest. He served in a number of parishes in Northumbria.

In 664, on his brother's death, St.Chad became the Abbot of the monastery of Lastingham, Yorkshire. He was an Abbot only a short time, when he was chosen and ordained bishop, and named as the Bishop of Northumbria; However at the request of St.Wilfred, who returned from France in 669, he humbly stepped down and retired back to his monastery at Lastingham. Later that year, however, St.Chad was called to be the Bishop of the Mercians, where Lichfield Cathedral is today.

Throughout his life first as a priest and later as a Bishop, St.Chad was tireless in spreading the Gospel, journeying throughout his diocese of Mercia, visiting parishes, teaching the Faith, encouraging his people to grow in Christ. He is reputed to have founded a new monastery at Barrow.

St.Chad died on March 2nd, 672 AD, as the Bishop of Lichfield, and that day has been kept ever since as a Feast Day in Thanksgiving for his life and witness. He was proclaimed a Saint of the Church a century later.

Remember to Thank God for the life and witness of St.Chad, and ask for his prayers for our parish.

(Courtesy of the "Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church", Oxford University Press, 1958, page 259)